Amaze content server

Information and content broadcast through "Amaze content server"to mobile devices, Desktops, Laptops offline.
Installing offline content streaming servers "Amaze content server" in all the important destinations across India.

Installation areas in different Premises:

   Shopping malls
   Public visiting tourist areas

The above customization can be architecture as per the requirements.

Server Details

This serves as a handy and holistic technology enabled assess to all the content available on to all the users connected at site. Its features incorporate convenient and user friendly information.
Advancements in technology allows Information and content broadcast through "Amaze content server" for mobile devices, Desktops, Laptops.


Server is encased in a rugged hard aluminium box requiring zero maintenance and leaves little chance of tampering. It requires a domestic 220 V socket to power the server.
Weight: 2 kgs
The server is capable of streaming video and audio content without the use of internet. Thus, internet connectivity is not an issue.


Supports both Apple and Android devices, Desktops, Laptops. Include management software to manage content, and the servers


By understanding the existing OMS box, its components, size etc., to identify similar or superior components, assemble with a motive of bringing in compact size and fan-less design.


   2.4 GHz 600 Mbps High Power Router
   120GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
   3G/4G Internet Connectivity
   Power Supply
   Industrial Grade Aluminum Enclosure